Welcome to your ”One stop shop, for all your gym essentials!”

Lift Therapy Pro offers high-quality fitness products and services at an affordable price. These products are targeted at people who are starting their fitness journey, and we also cater to our fitness fanatics. 

Lift Therapy Pro was founded in 2020 by Eunice and Stephen! Grit, drive and enthusiasm, turned a lifestyle into an entrepreneurial business plan. From working out and training friends and family, while educating them with knowledgeable information about fitness. To now being able to provide a platform with high-quality gym equipment, routines and boot camps. One could say it's a very satisfying achievement. As shown, fitness plays an important role in their lives. The excitement comes in providing a service that promotes positivity and self-love.

 We aim to inspire individuals who are starting their fitness journey and athletes globally with the equipment, tips, and tools needed to be their overall best. We aim to always deliver high-quality products and services at an affordable price.


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